A note from our Chairman

The PIA’s commitment is to promote new investment in Africa by facilitating the most effective ways of improving the business environment at a country and continental level.

While many of our member companies have a strong presence in Africa, we believe that ‘there is strength in numbers’. We have found that the PIA provides an excellent platform to openly engage with our peers regarding the realities of operating on the African continent. Furthermore, the PIA provides strong leverage for critical messages directed at key decision makers and particularly in our dealings with multilateral organisations and African governments we can play an important role in representing Africa’s interests.

The PIA has developed a strong reputation among international institutions, most notably the Bretton Woods institutions, as an influential voice of the private sector and is consulted on a regular basis by these stakeholders. Annually we meet with the most senior executives at these institutions, who have placed increased attention and value to the coordinated business input we provide. The PIA also conducts visits to different African countries, at least twice a year, where we engage with the governments at the highest level regarding the opportunities and challenges of private sector investment in their respective countries.

Africa has a significant opportunity for transformation and sustainable growth. Despite this positive longer term outlook, low global prices for major commodity exports, currency devaluations and debt sustainability considerations mean that Africa’s economic outlook is currently under pressure - with growth expected to remain below 5% for 2016. We believe the private sector is a key player in helping to diversify and shape economic growth on the continent leading to improved prospects for all.


s dominic bruynseels

Dominic Bruynseels

Regional Chief Executive - West Africa

Standard Bank