9-10 July 2015– PIA visit to Maputo

On 9 and 10 July 2015 the PIA executives visited Maputo, Mozambique, to meet with key members of government, institutions and private sector organisations. It was a constructive visit, which included high level engagements with the Ministry of Transport and Communication, the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Ministry of Agriculture, the CTA (Confederation of Economic Associations), IPEX (Import/Export Promotion) and the CPI (Center for Investment Promotion).

One of the key outcomes was the establishment of an Agriculture Task Force between the Ministry Agriculture and the PIA, agreeing to use best practices from other projects, develop research and find ways for implementing collaborative projects.
The visit also included useful insights from Standard Bank, the African Development Bank, the International Finance Corporation and the International Monetary Fund on the economic landscape and doing business in Mozambique.