9-10 June 2016- PIA Washington DC meetings

The PIA executives conducted their annual visit to Washington DC between 9-10 June 2016.

Meetings included a number of high level interactions with the Bretton Woods and other US based institutions including the IFC (Philippe H. Le Houérou, Executive Vice President and CEO), the Africa departments of the IMF and World Bank, USAID, US Department of State, Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and the Brookings Institution.

The dialogue between the PIA and the various institutions included a focus on the high level trends, business realities on the ground, and a discussion around ways forward for the private sector on the continent. Within the context of low economic growth forecasts in oil dependent countries and reasonably a buoyant outlook in others, key themes for discussion included power (energy efficiency and the renewables agenda in particular), infrastructure projects, fiscal challenges including local currency issues, and sound governance as an overarching theme. Country specific updates included a focus on (non-exhaustive) Nigeria, Angola, Mozambique, Ivory Coast and Tanzania. Going forward, the PIA will continue to engage with the Washington-based institutions to explore ways of collaboration, both on a thematic and at a country/regional level.