The lack of power infrastructure has greatly affected the development of Africa. To date, the PIA working group has been successful in providing pro-bono advisory services to select African utilities to strengthen power utility management. The PIA power working group teamed up with the World Bank to facilitate a unique workshop in Johannesburg that brought together 15 senior managers from power utilities across Africa. The workshop covered a range of management issues surrounding power generation and transmission in Africa.

The PIA is currently collaborating with the African Development Bank (AfDB) with overarching objective of improving the bankability of Independent Power Producers (IPP's) on the African continent. We recognise that there is a significant opportunity for African governments to create a policy environment that will allow IPP's to be successful. Power generation can be funded on a private sector basis if the right policy environment is in place, the necessary transmission and distribution is funded by government and donors, effective advisory services are available to African governments, and adequate tenor financing is available.