• HEINEKEN began its first export operations to Africa in 1900 and established its first local operations on the continent in 1923.
  • The group operates in 16 countries in Africa, in which it owns 31 breweries, 3 soft-drinks plants, 3 malting plants, two wineries, one distillery and a glass factory. It is also involved in 10 more breweries via participations / JV's.
  • HEINEKEN directly employs 20.062 people in Africa (fte's) incl. Joint Ventures. It has highly effective healthcare and skills development programs for its employees.
  • The group has partnerships with local farmers for the cultivation of rice, sorghum and maize to be used in the brewing process alongside malted barley.
  • It also has long-term partnerships with local suppliers in the manufacture of bottles, cartons and crates.

Roland Pirmez
President Africa Middle East and Eastern Europe

HEINEKEN has been involved in the African continent for over a 100 years and our African footprint continues to grow. In the region we see great potential for further growth and have marked the continent as one of our priority markets. HEINEKEN is an important partner for growth and takes upon that responsibility by driving our business in a sustainable and responsible way. We are creating thousands of jobs, working towards 60% local sourcing of our raw materials and investing in health to ensure proper care to all of our employees, their families and the local communities in which we operate.